Below The Belt

Made in 48 hours by kill0u for Ludum Dare #34

Theme: "Two button controls" - December 2015

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The enemy's EMP has messed up your systems pretty bad. You managed to put your ships on autopilot, and the only thing you can still do by yourself is dive in the asteroid belt or go back to the battlefield.

Hold X to dive with your pink ship, and C for your green ship.

While hiding in the asteroid belt, the enemy cannot hurt you. However, the dirt is damaging your engines, so you can't stay there too long or your engines would explode.

Special shot:
Your ships can fire a special shot (the skull-shaped bullet) instead of basic bullets, under certain circumstances:
- They have to be really close to each other
- Both ships have to be in the battlefield
- They must be going forward

Sorry about the lack of sound, I know it would have been a lot better with some. I actually managed to get some time to do the sounds during the compo, but sunvox wouldn't recognise my sound card so I gave up after a few minutes.

Note: There may be some focus issues. Click on the game again if the controls do not respond.