Made in 48 hours by kill0u for Ludum Dare #31

Theme: "Entire Game on One Screen"
December 2014

If you're interested in a post-compo version with more levels and/or an arcade mode, get in touch via twitter!

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Yay, you got a new electronic pet!
But.. this one seems kinda weird =/ Seems like he'll need your help to get his food. Be patient, he's really absent-minded so you'll lose him easily when guiding him through the levels!

Gameplay notes:
- You will shoot in the opposite direction of your last move. Hold your left mouse button to lock the direction.
- Tama will follow you if he sees you and you're close enough (but not too close). However, he'll still prefer the candy to you :P
- Tama poops sometime. Don't worry, you don't have to clean up. Hell, maybe this could even become useful?!

"Soo this is the story of a ninja's electronic pet too dumb to fetch his food, so the ninja has to go inside the tamagotchi and shoot shurikens at skull monsters while guiding the dumb pooping pet to candies." -- A mental institution patient